Born here:

Eunice Ward, Cornelius Cross

Married here:

Henry Cross & Eunice Ward, 1813.

Chadlington is an ancient village in Oxfordshire, England, dating back to the time of Domesday Book and is possibly named after Saint Chad. The village is located approximately 3 miles to the south of Chipping Norton in North Oxfordshire. At the 2001 census, its population was under 2,000.1

Chadlington is a long village divided into five 'ends' some of which are almost separate hamlets, Chadlington overlooks the broad Evenlode Valley towards remnants of the Wychwood Forest. Wild Grape Hyacinths grow on the old allotment site near West End and this flower has become intrinsically linked with Chadlington as it is relatively rare in other parts of the country. There are large arable fields above the village and several streams flow through the parish to join the River Evenlode below. The area has been denoted an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The local church is St Nicholas church, first mentioned in the Eynsham Abbey rolls of 1197, which contain a reference to the "chapels of Chadlington and Shorthampton". A round arch in the north wall of the nave is Saxon and pointed arches in the naves are in the early English style (1190 - 1275). The rounded arch of the south door and some of the windows in the south aisle are of the traditional style (1150 - 1190). The Church is enriched with a fascinating array of gargoyles.

This church is where Henry Cross and Eunice Ward were married in 1813. Eunice was born in Chadlington and was christened here. Their first child Cornelius was also christened here in 1813.

The family lived here only for a short time before moving to Finstock. They were destitute at the time, and dependent on poor relief. However, they were unable to get aid from the local authorities since Henry was not a native of the town.

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